The privacy of our visitors and clients is of utmost importance to us. Any personal information shared by our visitors to this website is protected and is never disclosed to any party unless dictated by court.

Log Files utilizes logs and files for documentation and analytical purposes. These log files have the following information.

  • The visitor’s Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Internet Protocol address (IP)
  • The browser used by the visitor to check out the website.
  • Demographic information relative to the visitors of the site
  • Time and date entries
  • Hits and clicks to analyze user’s behavior, gather more information on trends, and improve the website.
  • Entry and exit files and pages

Note that the IP addresses kept in logs are not shared publicly; neither are they linked to information that gives away the user’s identity.


The website does not use cookies to record personal information about the users and does not gather information about their preferences. Likewise, the cookies do not customize the web page contents according to the browser the visitor uses. Any information shared by the visitor remains in the log files and are not shared by the cookies.

The cookies may be disabled by tweaking your browser’s settings. There are detailed steps on managing cookies on your browser’s customer support page.